Minimum Advertised Price Policy

ORGAID, INC (“ORGAID”) is giving notice of its Minimum Advertised Price Policy (known as the “policy”). This policy applies to individuals and third parties authorized as resellers of ORGAID products within the United States of America. The purpose of the policy is to protect against advertising and marketing practices that could potentially undermine the reputation and position of ORGAID within the industry.

This policy applies to any form of advertising and marketing with relation to ORGAID products, including but not limited to all promotional and pricing information advertised through digital, non-digital, and online media. Marketing material, including direct mail, email advertising, print, and online advertising, must list ORGAID products (known as the “covered product”). It is at the sole discretion of ORGAID to amend the U.S. Retail Price List at any time, which establishes the minimum advertised price (“MAP”) for ORGAID products.

You can access the current U.S. Retail Price List at or by contacting the ORGAID sales team by calling 800-884-3164 or emailing

Resellers of ORGAID products are free to advertise and sell ORGAID products at the price they deem appropriate, but a covered product must not be advertised at a price lower than the MAP. This behavior counts as a violation of the policy.

Advertising that would constitute a breach of this policy include, but are not limited to:

  1. Allowing a third party to alter the advertised price of a covered product.
  2. Providing discounts, coupons, reseller rebates, or other incentives that result in the price of a covered product being lower than the MAP when applied. These incentives can also include storewide sales and non-brand-specific promotional codes that can be applied on a purchase of a covered product.
  3. Bundling any covered products with other products or services either from ORGAID or another company that implies the covered product is being sold below MAP.
  4. Any CTA or pricing style that suggests a covered product may be available at a lower price than the MAP at final checkout. These incentives include strikeouts or strikethrough, including statements to the effect of “lower price in cart”.
  5. Any direct or indirect attempts to circumvent this policy also count as a violation. However, resellers do not violate this policy by advertising that a consumer may contact them for a price, so long as no price is advertised and no automated communication – i.e., automated call or bounce-back email – is used to respond to these inquiries.

Notwithstanding the above, pricing information displayed in stores at the final online checkout stage for transactions pertaining to resale prices is not covered by this policy. The final online checkout stage is when a covered product is added to an online shopping cart that contains the customer’s personal information, including their name, email address, shipping address, and payment information. This pricing information at the checkout stage must be technically obscured to avoid this personal information being retrievable. The pricing information should not be displayed on search page results on the website of the reseller.

At their direction, ORGAID can freely announce MAP promotions or holidays that are applicable to all resellers of covered products. These incentives allow the reseller a period to advertise a covered product per the authorized promotion’s terms of use without violating the policy.

Resellers advertising free shipping, reduce shipping, or a gift with purchase provided by ORGAID do not attribute to a violation of this policy.

The policy does not constitute an agreement between ORGAID and another entity. ORGAID does not solicit or accept any assurance of policy compliance from any reseller or other party. It is the responsibility of the reseller to choose whether to comply with the policy, which cannot be altered for an individual reseller and is not negotiable.

It is at the discretion of ORGAID to amend, terminate, suspend, or reinstitute this policy at any time. ORGAID will ensure that these changes are available to be accessed by all authorized resellers of covered products. If ORGAID amends the MAP of a covered product, it will provide resellers with at least 14 days’ notice before these changes come into effect.

No ORGAID agent or employee, including a business development representative, has the authority to grant an exception to, interpret of, or modify this policy.

Any inquiries with regards to this policy should be submitted directly in writing to ORGAID at